Today, publicly traded, green technology company Aquentium, Inc. excitedly announced that their high speed ozone hand dryer contributes to increased bathroom sanitation as well as bacteria and virus protection. The innovative hand dryer combines high speed drying with ozone in order to sanitize the air and keep the blowers inside the dryer bacteria-free.

The technology’s practicality makes it a prime product for schools and universities. Traditionally, schools have used paper towels or ordinary slow speed hand dryers. The Aquentium hand dryer, installed at any school, can reduce energy costs while being environmental friendly.

The Aquentium hand dryer can significantly reduce costs by eliminating expensive paper towel consumption. Companies and organizations no longer have to deal with the hassle of ordering paper towels, paying delivery or replacement costs. The Aquentium hand dryer also eliminates waste and contamination from dirty towels, and lowers trash removal expense and labor costs.

Aquentium’s product debuts at a lucrative time. Independent studies show that millions of Americans are more concerned about their exposure to bacteria and viruses in public areas, such as fast food restaurants, restrooms, and convenience stores. The technology offers the finest solution for companies seeking to reduce the costs for bathroom paper towels.

The hand dryer contains multiple high speed blowers, creating an encircling airflow. It quickens drying time and system operation. The product also uses sensor technology to activate and deactivate, further contributing to energy savings. Additionally, a unique self-sanitizing technology eliminates manual cleaning and prevents infection from trapped dirt or bacteria.

Mark Taggatz, Aquentium president, stated, “Our hand dryer is designed to help keep people’s hands sanitized. With our high speed dryers, your hands dry quickly and efficiently.”