Aquentium, Inc., the OTC-listed global innovator in energy saving technologies which is heavily diversified into both clean energy solutions and ‘green building’ systems, and which is constantly scouting for new business and technologies to add to the Company’s portfolio, announced this morning the signing of a power purchase agreement with the Shandong Province of China.

Under terms of the agreement, AQNM will provide power to one of Shandong’s municipalities by converting waste-to-energy (WtE) using the Company’s tried and tested gasification systems to relieve the ever-growing burden that faces most cities today; how to dispose of a given urban population’s waste in a way that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

President of AQNM Mark Taggatz spoke of the tremendous benefits from the proposed “Waste Elimination Energy Factory (WEEF)”, saying it will be an “environmentally friendly green technology program” for eliminating garbage, reducing landfills, and creating much-needed energy to power thriving residential, commercial and industrial activity.

With a major focus on China, AQNM seeks to use powerful WtE processes which either combust materials or repurpose them into a fuel commodity, thus using up abundant waste inputs and converting them to energy output to drive the booming economy.

With the issue of environmentally managing the world’s solid waste growing into a daunting specter which haunts future growth potential, companies like AQNM – which have arrayed themselves towards systematically alleviating this problem in a productive fashion – stand to generate massive returns for their shareholders on the proliferation of WtE technology.

Energy recovery from a variety of wastes provides substantial return on energy investment to entire modern societies, improving overall performance by reducing the quantity of waste which must ultimately be disposed of in compliance with pollution control standards, and supplanting fossil fuel-based energy inputs into the grid by reducing the need for them.

With a decisive business strategy wherein AQNM acts as a financial partner/holding company, providing active management assistance and control and granting subsidiaries the functional benefits of economics of scale through access to capital, market shares and revenue, the Company seeks to grow as much in 2010 as it did in 09 on the strength of deepening ties within China.