On Tuesday Arab leaders met for the second and final day in its two day summit in Kuwait city with the aim of making a plan to rebuild Gaza.

The meeting ended in discord with leaders unable to agree on whether to back Egyptian peace efforts or even set up a joint reconstruction fund for the devastated Palestinian territory.

The deep tensions among rival Arab leaders could affect the fragile cease-fire between Hamas and Israel that ended a three-week Israeli onslaught on the Mediterranean strip.

The Israeli offensive left approximately 1,300 Palestinians dead and several homeless following the destruction of their homes.

The estimated material damage is around $2 billion.

The violence in Gaza split Arab countries into two camps - one led by Syria and Qatar supporting Hamas hard-liners who rule the territory, and another led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia hoping to lure the Palestinian militant group toward more moderation.

At the end of the two day summit, a fund was expected to be announced to rebuild Gaza; instead it ended with vague pledges without figures.

Several leaders sharply criticized Israel and threatened to hold it accountable for what they termed war crimes in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia was the only Arab country to commit at the opening of the gathering to a $1 billion contribution for rebuilding efforts, and Kuwait's emir, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, said the reconstruction should be an international collective effort.

It is however not known who will receive the money, whether it will be Hamas rulers or to their rival Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.