The Arab League will renew a call for an end to violence in Syria Sunday, but stop short of asking the United Nations to send experts to bolster an Arab peace mission to the country, according to a draft statement under discussion by the League.

The (Arab League) Secretary General will continue to coordinate with the Secretary General of the United Nations to enhance the technical abilities of the monitors' commission, said the draft statement obtained by Reuters.

The arrival last month of Arab monitors in Syria to see if the government is honouring a pledge to end a crackdown on a popular revolt has not brought an end to the violence and Qatar has suggested that U.N. experts join the monitors.

The draft being discussed by the League Sunday blamed Syria's government, but also other military groups, for failing to adhere to a peace plan, and asked Syria's opposition movement to cooperate with the monitoring effort.

(Reporting by Ayman Samir and Yasmine Saleh; Writing by Tom Pfeiffer; Editing by Matthew Jones)