Integrated Management Information Inc. (IMI Global) (INMG.OB), a leading provider of verification and Internet solutions for the agricultural/livestock industry operating under the “Where our Food Comes From” brand, today announced it has given VerifiedGreen certification to Arapaho Ranch, the largest organic, grass fed cattle ranch in North America.

VerifiedGreen certification enables farmers and ranchers to market their products as consistent with environmentally sustainable production practices. This certification is in addition to the Arapaho Ranch’s previously secured USDA Organic Certification, and will enable the ranch to assign carbon credits to cattle raised on the ranch.

The press release said that customers who purchase Arapaho Ranch beef backed by carbon credits offset their carbon footprint. According to IMI Global and Arapaho Ranch, one pound of beef originating from the ranch offsets the carbon generated by a 100-mile automobile drive.

“Our Where Food Comes From(R) program provides third party verification for a wide variety of verifications for the agricultural community, one of which — VerifiedGreen — puts IMI Global and its adopting customers at the forefront of sustainable agriculture,” John Saunders, CEO of IMI Global stated in the press release. “It’s especially appropriate that, on Earth Day 2010, the Northern Arapaho tribe is formalizing its centuries old tradition of living in harmony with nature and respecting the land that sustains them. We are proud to have them as our partners in this program and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

David Stoner, manager of Arapaho Ranch, said the company is meeting growing consumer demand of education of how and where our food is handled before it hits the market.

“There is a growing movement among consumers to know where their food comes from and whether the producers are practicing good environmental stewardship,” said David Stoner, manager of Arapaho Ranch. “Arapaho Ranch is owned, managed and worked by individuals who have a deep connection to the land and are as proud of the leadership role we play in promoting environmentally sustainable practices as we are of the high quality beef we provide to consumers across the United States.”