Archer and the gang are back, and their break has been pretty kind to them. Following the events of the bold departure from the norm that was “Archer Vice,” the FX series is ready to get back to the spy game in the latest "Archer" Season 6 teaser.

The video, which is exclusive to Entertainment Weekly, shows what the characters have been up to since their failed attempt at becoming international cocaine dealers.

When Season 5 ended, Lana had just had baby Abijean and revealed that Archer is the father. Meanwhile, Malory cut a deal with the CIA that allowed her to operate a spy agency (legitimately this time). Cherlene/Carol/Cheryl became the queen of outlaw country music only to discover that a San Marcos dictator had purchased all her records, effectively ending her country career. However, this political move (and a freaking tank) helped Cyril take over as the leader of San Marcos. Unfortunately he was promptly removed from leadership in a military coup. With their cocaine dealing days behind them and the ability to work in the intelligence agency again (under a different name this time), “Archer” Season 6 will reinvent the usual on March 6 on FX. 

In the meantime, you can watch the teaser video here via Entertainment Weekly