Ardent Mines, – the globally-focused mineral developer with its growth targets set on the acquisition of identified or already somewhat developed gold and silver resources, reported retention today of world-renowned mining consultancy SRK Consulting to perform compilation of NI 43-101 compliant technical reports on two of the Company’s sites.

Ardent is currently finalizing the agreements to acquire both sites and is wrapping up the associated due diligence. Bringing in SRK to handle the technical reportage for these two sites, the mining concessions of Gold Hills Mining Ltda. in Pernambuco, Brazil and the currently operating Condorsenga Mine located in Huacha, Peru, was a logical next step.

SRK has an impressive track record of providing full-spectrum solutions for its clients, which range from exploration and mining, to banking, finance and government. SRK also has a massive global team of 1k plus employees in a total of 40 offices worldwide, providing comprehensive analysis and actionable intelligence to some of the world’s top resource firms.

Corporate Consultant, Mining and former Global Group Chairman for SRK, Neal Rigby, and Principal Resource Geologist at SRK, Jeffrey Volk, will head a senior team of SRK geologists and mine engineers in order to judiciously expedite this important project. They will also be taking along some of SRK’s other top minds, including Principal Mining Engineer, Dr. Martin Raffield, Principal Metallurgical Consultant, Eric Olin, and the Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Jose Antonio Samaniego.

CEO of ADNT, Leonardo Riera, cited an early April 2011 kick off for the field expeditions to the mines by the SRK team and underscored the extremely promising extant data on the operating Condorsenga Mine.

The Condorsenga has three prominent veins estimated at 3M tonnes (non-NI 43-101 compliant) with an impressive 155 g/t silver grading. Recent volumetric assessments have pushed this figure higher and ADNT is brimming with excitement at the prospect of possible plant expansion at Condorsenga, following a positive assessment of the potential by the SRK team.

Riera also noted the clear indication of a major Copper porphyry in extant data on the Condorsenga and pledged to work closely with SRK in determining the viability of a deep drilling program in order to validate this tantalizing possibility, as it would make the Condorsenga an even more attractive site.

Geologist, Head of Brazilian Operations and Member of the ADNT Board, Luciano Borges, confirmed that the SRK-driven and Canadian Institute of Mining-compliant evaluation was indeed the next logical step for the Company and was particularly eager to develop a sound drilling program for the Gold Hills operation, pending this review.