It’s not a secret that Kris Jenner is the head honcho when it comes to the Kardashians.

She also isn’t coy about advertising that Kim Kardashian is her favorite offspring, so it wouldn’t be odd if the rumor that the “momager” was planning on having Kim and Kanye West move into her neighborhood so she could keep a close eye on the couple, who are expecting their first child.

Jenner had a “carefully crafted plan,” Radar Online reported, but the hip-hop mogul ruined the plan when he insisted the new family did not plan to move into Jenner’s neighborhood.

The reality star and her beau allegedly bought an $11 million Bel Air mansion, but according to sources, Jenner had already picked out a home for them near her residence in Calabasas.

"Kris is desperate to be close to Kim during her pregnancy, so she hand-picked a property for her daughter and Kanye in Hidden Hills,” an insider who claimed to be “close to the situation” told Radar Online.

Jenner has been known to overstep her bounds when it comes to her kids. For instance, in one episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians," where the matriarch would continually drop by oldest sister Kourtney’s house unannounced with a spare key she had made.

West is said to want some space between his new family and the rest of the Kardashian clan, Radar Online’s source explained, saying that he feels Jenner is always meddling in his relationship with the reality star.

It is also rumored that West and Jenner could be fighting over the fact that baby Kimye won’t appear on the Kardashian’s reality show for several months after being born.

The momager is believed to want the child on the show, while Kim Kardashian recently explained to Us Weekly that her baby will not be on reality television for the first six months, because she’s "ready to dial back from being so public."

That doesn’t sound like the Kardashian the public knows and love, or loves to hate. It could have something to do with West not being a big fan of having his personal life on television, reports said.

Before Kim Kardashian takes a hiatus, she has a new show premiering on the E! network, “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,” every Sunday at 9/8c starting on Jan. 20.