Six months after 20 men and women found their perfect match and walked away with $1 million in prize money in the premiere season of MTV’s dating experiment series “Are You the One?," a whole new batch of singles, all admittedly “horrible at finding love,” are trying there hand at dating reality-TV style. Similar to Season 1, the new cast, a mix of men and women, will live together, share a bed, go on dates, and one-by-one enter the truth booth to try to uncover their true match. If at the end of the journey each couple is correctly paired at the choosing ceremony, the entire cast will split the $1 million. Unfortunately for the program’s newest stars, a casting shakeup guaranteed that their quest to find love will not be drama free. 

“Each of you has been through an extensive match making process, rigorous compatibility testing, and after all of that you guys, we have done something you have never been able to, find your perfect match,” host Ryan Devlin said to the new batch of singles at their Puerto Rico pad Monday night. “This time around things are going to work a little bit differently. For most of you, we found one perfect match. But for one lucky guy, our compatabilty testing not just one but two perfect matches.” Unlike last season, Season 2 will star 10 guys and 11 girls but the cast will still be required to find 10 perfect mathces in order to walk away winners.

While the men appeared excited about the prospect of having two perfect matches, the females were not thrilled about the cast shakeup. “I look at the girls and we’re all about to pull her hair out and then I look at the men and they’re about to pull her pants off,” Paris, one of the original 10 female contestants, said of the eleventh female, Christina. “Christina coming into this game is going to is gonna mess up the chances of me finding love and the chances of me having money at the end. I don’t like it either way,” said Jasmine. 

Cristina, a self-proclaimed hippie, was unfazed by the negative attention in the house despite the female contestant's unofficial plan to keep her as an outcast in the game. “Seeing all these beautiful women feel threatened by me I’m like 'oh,'” she said with a laugh. “It is what it is.”

After just minutes of meeting, Layton and Jenni discovered they had a connection. “It’s kind of too early to tell if Layton is my match but I was a little awestruck by him,” she said. Despite being shunned by the girls in the house, Christina found lust with Brandon after discovering they had the same Asian tattoo “perfect match.” Curtis and Brianna also bonded during an impromptu date. “Everything that Curtis is saying to me is everything I want in somebody,” Briana said. Her fairytale, however, was shorlived after John leaped over the cast’s shared bed, leaving Briana with a bloody nose and in need medical attention. After a brief hospital visit, she returned unscathed. While most of the cast kept their romances PG, Jessica and Anthony earned the award for the first in-house hookup. 

First Challenge

After spending one night in the house, the cast participated in their first challenge “Gotta Get That Box.” After splitting into pairs of their choosing, one girl and one guy team had to use their bodies to melt a block of ice and secure a key. The first three couples to open a box with a key won a getaway date to Culerra Island and a chance at possibly entering the truth booth. The three couples to walk away winners were Layton and Alex, Jessica and Brandon and Pratt and Paris. 

Despite Pratt and Paris sharing their first kiss with cameras and admitting their strong feelings for one another behind-the-scenes, the potential couple concoted a plan to lie to their teammates about their romance in order to stay in the house to "party." “We both understand that we are not a match,” Paris told the housemates, claiming the duo had a spat over religion. Despite the house originally believing in their fake feud, a majority caught onto the deception after voting a different couple, Brandon and Jessica, into the truth booth.

During the house meeting Pratt said he lied because he was afraid of learning that Paris could be another man’s perfect match. “I’m not ready to go in that truth booth like, emotionally, and find that this girl I’ve already fallen head over heals for isn’t my match,” he said. 

Truth Booth

Brandon and Jessica were found not to be perfect match, a finding which thrilled both of participants. “My perfect match I think is Layton,” said Jessica. “I am so stoked Jessica is not my match,” said Brandon who returned to the house and planted a kiss on Christina.

“He kissed me in front of everybody and it made me feel on top of the world,” Christina said.

Choosing Ceremony

After the choosing ceremony, only two couples were found to be perfect matches. Below are the couples who locked in their romances during week 1’s choosing ceremony:

Week 1:

Layton and Jenni

Dario and Ashley

Pratt and Paris

Curtis and Briana

John and Jasmine

Brandon and Christina

Garland and Alex

Anthony and Jessica

Nathan and Shelby

Alex and Ellie

Tyler, being one of the 11 female contestant, was not chosen and therefore sat out of the first choosing ceremony. 

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"Are You The One"? airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.