“Are You the One?” prides itself in finding its contestants their perfect matches, but it doesn’t always go as planned. While the Season 3 cast managed to come together at the last minute and find their matches during Wednesday's shocking finale, they didn’t stay with their respective partners for long. MTV and the cast updated fans on their relationships on Twitter Thursday, sharing who is still together and who has gone their separate ways.

Britni and Chuck

After his relationship with Hannah began to falter, Chuck found his way into Britni’s arms. The duo realized they were not a perfect match in episode 4 after visting the truth booth but continued their flirtations during the game. During the season’s final matchup ceremony, Britni even told host Ryan Devlin her “heart” was still with Chuck. Well, it looks like she wasn’t lying as the duo are still an item! Britni has confirmed they're together and “living the island life.”

Zak and Hannah

Following her failed romance with Chuck, Zak and Hannah hit it off during a lover’s luaua in episode 6. The two remained inseperable up until the finale when they realized they were not perfect matches. Ultimately, the two sat with different people at the final matchup, but that hasn’t put a damper on their love. Zak announced on Twitter that he and Hannah are still together, calling his co-star his “girlfriend.”

Kiki and Devin

After teasing fans about her and Devin’s future online, Kiki revealed to her followers on Twitter that she and Devin are not an item following their “AYTO?” experience. She also confirmed she did not get the chance to give Mike, who exited the series before the final matchup, her perfect match bracelet.

Chelsey and Connor

Chelsey and Connor were the first confirmed perfect match for the Season 3 cast. In episode 5, the duo went to live in the honeymoon suite and only returned for matchup ceremonies. Unfortunately, it appears their romance did not survive. Chelsey announced on Twitter that she is single.

Stacey and Alec

Alec and Stacey had a rough season. After hearing the nice things her ex-boyfriend had to say about her during episode 8’s challenge, Alec let Stacey know he was willing to give their romance a try. They were repeatedly called "mom and dad" by their cast memers, until it was revealed they were most likely not meant to be. In the finale, Stacey got to know Nelson, who turned out to be her perfect match. Despite her two connections on the show, Stacey has revealed that she is single.

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