MTV’s matchmaking series “Are You The One?” is back. The network premiered the third installment of the dating show Thursday night and like previous seasons, it didn’t disappoint. 

Episode 1, “Gambler’s Paradise,” opens with host Ryan Devlin informing the cast of 10 single men and women that they will have 10 chances to find their perfect match in the confides of their Kona, Hawaii, mansion. Just like previous seasons, each week the contestants will come together for a matchup ceremony and see how close they are to finding true love and winning the $1 million grand prize. But, there is a twist. Devlin tells the lovebirds that if they fail to get at least one perfect match during each ceremony, it will result in a blackout and the loss of $250,000. If they receive four blackouts, they will lose the game.

House Drama

While the plot twist definitely upset some of the cast members, they appeared in good spirits during their first social gathering in the house. There was some kissing and, of course, major drama.

There was an immediate attraction between Rashida and Alec. After sharing a kiss, the duo parted ways only for Stacey to reveal she also had feelings for him. Despite Stacey only requesting a hug from her new flame, Alec went in for a kiss, upsetting Rashida who was watching nearby. Alec upset Stacey later in the episode when he kissed Hannah right next to her during a game of spin the bottle.

The Challenge

During the first challenge the housemates played “Worst Face Forward.” The house was shown unflattering pictures of one another and the first contestants who could correctly guess the person in the photos was granted a spot on the group date. Ultimately, Mike and Hunter and Melanie and Cheyenne were the winners. Cheyenne chose Chuck. Melanie chose to go on a date with Devin, upsetting Kiki who previously formed a bond with Devin over their love for meditation. Mike chose Hannah, much to the upset of Amanda, who felt they were a perfect match. Hunter chose Kiki. 

Mike later told Amanda he did not pick her as his date because he didn’t want to risk being sent into the truth booth. He said he didn’t want to find out Amanda was his perfect match in the first week and spend the rest of the game in the honeymoon suite.

The Truth Booth

While several members of the house went on their date to swim with dolphins, the rest of the house discussed who to send into the truth booth. During their date Hunter and Kiki realized they have a strong connection, a bond which the house guests apparently picked up on prior to their romantic outing. Back at the house a majority of the contestants said they were leaning towards voting for the pair. Ultimately, Kiki and Hunter were voted into the truth booth.

Kiki was emotional after learning her fate. Much to the disappointment of the house, they were not deemed a perfect match and Kiki immediately went back into the arms of Devin.

The Matchup Ceremony

The first matchup ceremony was one of the books. Amanda calling Kiki “fake” and one of the male house guests accused Devin of planning to two-time Amanda and Kiki. The allegation brought Kiki to tears and Melanie asked if she could change who she picked. Devin denied the accusations. Ultimately, the matchup ceremony revealed that only two out of 10 pairs were perfect matches.

Here’s who chose who in episode 1’s matchup ceremony:











With only nine matchup ceremonies left, will the Season 3 cast be able to find love and win the grand prize? Tune in to “Are You The One?” Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV to find out!