This season of MTV’s dating experiment series “Are You The One?” is sure to go down as the most dramatic installment yet. On Thursday, Sept. 24, viewers will be introduced to a whole new crop of 10 men and women, each looking to find their perfect match, and if they succeed, walk away with the $1 million grand prize. But from the looks of the Season 3 trailer, their quest for love won’t be easily won.

“Wealth shouldn’t be measured by the amount in your back account, it should be measured by the effect that you have on people. You’re a wealthy girl,” one male suitor tells a female contestant in the trailer. 

And while the trailer contains dozens of on-screen kisses, hand-holding and sweet sentiments, it also reveals that this season, which takes place in Hawaii, will include some major drama. Several scenes from the teaser feature the show's stars fighting, crying and even chair throwing.

“They think it’s just a game, but for me, it’s not,” cries on female contestant.

Things will get so heated, in fact, that a couple of the castmates will get psychical with one another. In one scene a male competitor can be seen approaching his co-star and shoving him in the chest. A later shot shows a different male contestant appearing to leave the house.

This season on “Are You The One?” the setup will be the same – 20 singles will enter a house, after being put through rigorous computability testing, go on dates and try to discover who is their perfect match. However, this season’s twist will be radically different. If the contestants fail to make at least one true match during each matchup ceremony, it will result in a “blackout” and the loss of $250,000. Once four blackouts occur, the cast's chance at splitting the grand prize will disappear. And [spoiler alert!] it appears that may be the case for this season’s contestants – at least, that’s why the trailer wants you to believe!

“You all just lost a quarter of a million dollars,” host Ryan Devlin tells the castmates in a matchup ceremony as the stars looks on in disbelief.

“The couples will be forced to rule with their hearts, and not with their heads if they hope to succeed in love and money,” teases the network’s synopsis.

So, will the cast win the $1 million and find love like last year's stars, or are they doomed to lose the 2015 matchmaking competition? Fans will have to tune in to the “Are You The One?” Season 3 premieres Thursday, Sept. 24, at 11 p.m. EDT on MTV to find out! 

Watch the full Season 3 trailer below: