“Are You the One?” is designed to help those that suck at finding love discover what they really need in a partner. And despite MTV’s matchmakers helping their single stars find their one, true love, the cast doesn’t always walk away in a relationship. Following the Season 4 finale of the MTV series, check out what the stars had to say about their romances during the Facebook reunion special Tuesday.

Mikala and Cameron

The first Season 4 confirmed pair is still an item off-screen. Mikala moved to Los Angeles to be with Cameron following the finale and according to their recent social media posts, they’re still together. Mikala recently tweeted about her boyfriend love of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” and how much they enjoy watching fan-made videos together. It doesn’t appear an engagement is on the horizon, however. Mikala seems more interested with adding furry family members to their brood.

Morgan and Tori

Sorry #Torgan supporters, Morgan has confirmed he and Tori are no longer together. Morgan credited their breakup to a lack of passion and trust issues. “I tried to make something work for a few dates but Tori eventually lost interest,” he told MTV. Tori said she felt Morgan wasn’t being genuine during their time together. Tori has since released a song about their breakup. 

Francesca and Asaf

Francesca stars in Asaf’s new released music video “Blah Blah Blah” but MTV reports he is not attached his show flame or perfect match Kaylen. He does, however, keep in contact with Francesca. As for Francesca, she admitted during the reunion that she only sees her confirmed match Gio as a friend and could never see herself dating him. 

Sam and Alyssa

MTV has confirmed that the perfect match couple is no longer together. Sam said that after staying together in the honeymoon suite they decided not to pursue a long distance relationship but will “let fate work its magic” to see if the end up together again one day. During the reunion Sam expanded on his comment, revealing that Alyssa got back with an old boyfriend after the show but is now single. Alyssa told a very different story on Twitter Tuesday night. 

Gio and Kaylen

After finding out they were not a perfect match and breaking up during the show, Gio and Kaylen rekindled their relationship when the series ended. Gio said on Periscope Monday night that he and Kaylen spent the days following the show’s finale in a hotel in Hawaii together but they ultimately broke up.


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Prosper and Emma

Despite sharing feelings for one another on the show, Prosper revealed during the reunion that when they headed to the honeymoon suite he was “on the couch.” Their trip, of course, came directly after his fight with Gio, which upset many people in the house. 

John and Victoria

Victoria had this to say after the reunion:

In an interesting twist, Sam revealed at the reunion that John admitted his love for Alyssa after filming wrapped. Sam said he even had to intervene when John told Alyssa he was coming to visit her. 

Julia and Stephen

MTV did not offer an update on Julia and Stephen’s relationship. Stephen did tease information about his status would be released in the near future.