John and Emma hit it off during their date on Monday’s installment of “Are You the One?” but the couple will find themselves in a less-than-ideal situation in episode 7. A preview for the Aug. 1 episode shows John kissing another Season 4 cast member.

As revealed in the MTV episode 7 promo video, host Ryan Devlin will send the cast to an Adam and Eve party in “Pulling Punches.” And despite praising Emma for coming out of her shell during their recent date, John remarks he’s seeing a side of Emma he doesn’t like in a sneak peek of episode 7. “During the dance sessions she’s got that resting b---- face. That’s a f---ing red flag,” he comments before setting his sights on a new potential match, Nicole.

“When I look at Nicole she’s always smiling, always happy, always full of energy. I feed off that s--,” John says. After watching Nicole dance seductively, he makes his move by picking her up and bringing her to the side of the room for a private talk. John goes on to compliment Nicole’s “gorgeous” eyes but she makes it clear she’s not interested. 

“You annoy the living sh-- out of me. I hope you know that,” Nicole admits. “You’re a little boy!”

Despite fending off John’s initial advances, the clip shows the two sharing a kiss in front of their housemates, including Emma. While the drama after their kiss isn’t shown, TV Guide’s synopsis reveals “punches are thrown” by unknown cast members in the new installment after “jealousy rears its head.” Could it have something to do with John’s new romance?

John’s feelings for Nicole have never been featured on the show before now, but a deleted scene from episode 5 makes it clear he’s always had her back. After being dumped at the matchup ceremony by Prosper, John is showing comforting her at the house. “No one deserves that. I don’t like to see you cry,” he says as he gives her a hug. 

While one couple may implode in episode 7, second confirmed perfect match Sam and Alyssa will be heating up their romance in private. A second sneak peek shows the pair arriving to the honeymoon suite after their successful truth booth visit. 

“I followed my heart and it led me to the girl of my dreams,” Sam says, telling Alyssa he believes “fate” brought them together. Alyssa goes on to tell the cameras she’s definitely falling in love with Sam and is excited for their alone time. “This honeymoon suite is definitely a chance for us not only to explore Hawaii, but each other,” she says.

“Are You the One?” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.