“Are You the One?” has found its first perfect match! Monday’s Season 4 installment of the MTV experimental dating series saw one couple leave the house and head to the honeymoon suite. Find out who went into the truth booth in episode 3.

New Romances

While the house celebrates getting three beams of light in the previous matchup ceremony, Nicole says the “strong couples” in the house need to be sent to the truth booth to find out if they’re meant to be. She says she’d liked to get to know Cameron, who is attached to Mikala.

Meanwhile, Julia continues to lead John on after finding out they’re not a perfect match. She tells Tori she could see herself having a relationship with John outside the house, only to tell the cameras the opposite. Stephen says he recognizes that Julia wants to have fun and she’s back on his radar. He dresses himself as a woman to get her attention and it works. Julia says she recognizes that she and Stephen have a similar sense of humor.

Fresh off their romance in episode 2, Cameron and Mikala continue to hit it off. Mikala says she feels they have a strong connection but fears their feelings may be “too good to be true.”

The Challenge

The second challenge has the men in the house put their brains to the test. Host Ryan Devlin announces the getaway challenge. “Let’s Put These Dogs on a Leash” will test the men’s knowledge of the women in the house. The men must wear a harness while answering trivia questions about their desired date partner. If they give the wrong answer, the rope will be too short and they will be forced to head back and choose a new answer. The three guys to finish first win a date.

Giovanni says Kaylen deserves to go on a date and after weeks of getting to know each other, his knowledge of Kaylen serves him well, earning them first place. Cam and Julia earn the second getaway date spot. Despite having trouble with the last question, Cameron and Mikala place third.

ayto “Are You the One?” Season 4 stars Mikala and Cameron won a getaway date in episode 3. Photo: MTV

Victoria Explains It All

Back at the house, Asaf comments that he doesn’t feel a connection with most girls in the house. His castmates advise him to walk up to any female and kiss her, and he chooses Tori. Tori appears embarrassed, but Asaf says it felt natural to him.

Things take a more serious turn when Stephen sits down with Julia. He asks her point blank if she has feelings for John, and she says she doesn’t like “explosive people.” Stephen goes on to tell John he thinks Julia is his match and he plans to pursue her. 

"If that b----- is my match, and I'm gonna feel that, I promise you, bro, everything that's going on between you and her right now is going to be completely forgotten about," he says.

John wishes Stephen good luck, but there’s clearly tension. When John says he’s no longer in the house for love, Victoria, who witnesses John and Stephen’s conversation, gets upset.

Watch Stephen and John’s confrontation:

“What if you’re my match? What if we could connect deeply and we’re never gonna get that chance because you’re chasing someone who blatantly doesn’t want you!” she says through tears before going on to slam Julia. “Why do all guys f---ing like hos!” she says. “She’s a f---ing tease dude!”

Meanwhile, Sam tells Alyssa that she feels like a sister to him. Alyssa says Sam’s comment might be a sign she’s not with the right person.

The Dates

After swimming with submersible scooters in the ocean, the three couples get together for some alone time. 

Cameron tells Mikala he’ll be shocked if they’re not a perfect match, but Mikala says she’s not so sure. Mikala says there are some things they haven’t talked about yet, and she opens up about her mother, who has been in and out of prison and suffers from drug and alcohol abuse. While Mikala fears that Cameron will only see her as “broken,” Cameron says he only sees a woman that he respects.

The longest couple of Season 4 thus far, Gio and Kaylen, also continue to connect. Gio says he “wouldn’t hesistate” to give Kaylen a ring or a baby. Kaylen admits she would accept his proposal if he were to ask her to marry him.

Truth Booth

Cameron and Mikala calls their date amazing and say they’re excited about the idea of going into the truth booth. Gio, however, says he’s scared to get voted in. Gio says he’s used to being “robbed of happiness” and he doesn’t want to lose Kaylen. 

Fortunately for Gio, Mikala and Cameron are picked by the house. Despite being voted in, the house reveals they do not believe they’re meant to be and want to prove to them they need to separate in order to continue the game. Much to their surprise, the truth booth reveals Cameron and Mikala are the first perfect match of Season 4.

“It’s insane because he’s the only person that I’ve liked in the whole house and I f---ing suck at dating, like I’m really bad!” Mikala says.

The house greets the confirmed couple with hugs before they head to the honeymoon suite. Victoria says seeing the match is inspiring.

Party Problems

During a party where the cast wears anything but clothes, Stephen upsets John by flirting with Julia. Victoria breaks the news to John that Julia does not want to be with him. Camille also tells John that Julia is not his match and advises he leave if he’s not going to play the game.

When tensions heats up, Julia pulls John aside. Julia says it’s clear they’re not a match because she doesn’t like explosive people, but refuses to say she doesn’t have feelings for him. John says he was getting played with and didn’t realize it.

The next day, Camille tells Asaf she wants to make out, and he quickly fulfills her request. Camille says she’s “smitten.” Minutes later, however, Asaf begins kissing and flirting with Tori. Asaf says both women have beautiful sides to them, but he enjoys Tori’s free spirit more. 

Matchup Ceremony

Camille calls up Asaf, and he admits he has stronger feelings for Tori than her. Tori simply says she “loves a challenge” when asked if she’s upset by Camille’s pick.

John continues to rant about Julia when called up by Victoria. He says he wants Julia to move on, but makes sure to call out Stephen. He reveals Stephen called her a “b----” during their talk and says he should have more respect for Julia. John goes on to threaten Stephen, saying if he makes another derogatory comment about a female in the house he’s going to “put hands” on him.

“That’s cool. I ain’t no wall, baby. I hit back,” Stephen warns. “You’re a boy messing with a man.”

When Alyssa calls up Sam, Ryan asks them if they have taken their relationship to the next level physically. Sam answers the question by giving Alyssa her first kiss at the podium. Alyssa calls his actions “random” and says she definitely felt sparks.

With one beams already lit, three additional beams of light are revealed and the cast does not black out. Ryan says they’re going in the right direction, and if they keep it up, they will win the entire game.

Here’s who chose whom in episode 4:



Nicole- Cam







“Are You the One?” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.