A mini That 70's Show reunion is going to take place tonight when Wilmer Valderamma joins Laura Prepon in an episode of Are You There, Chelsea?

Are You There, Chelsea? is inspired by comedian Chelsea Handler's best selling books, including, Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea. Laura Prepon portrays Chelsea, a cocktail waitress in her 20's who NBC explains as opinionated and unapologetic. Handler can be seen in the show portraying her real life older sister, Sloane.

Valderamma, who formerly portrayed foreign exchange student, Fez, on That 70's Show will finally be fulfilling his dream of getting with Prepon's former character, Donna. The episode airing tonight on NBC at 8:30 p.m. is entitled Those Damn Yankees. Man hungry Chelsea has her eyes on a hot baseball player played by Valderamma, but as she falls for him, he falls into the New York Yankees lineup.

A preview of the episode highlights some definite romantic chemistry between the two, something that was not around during their days filming That 70's Show.

Tune in tonight to see the mini-reunion, and if Chelsea, a die-hard Red Sox fan, can handle her new man's trade to the enemy.