width=136It's time to get those listings ready for the spring! A recent article in U.S. News & World Report by Luke Mullins, 10 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Home's Sales Price by Spring, offers up some affordable ideas for getting a property in selling-ready shape in time for the spring sale season. Among the ideas in the article:

1.)  Touch up the paint on the front door-it's one of the first places buyers will look!

2.) Paint the interior a light yellow or cream color that creates a nice constrast with white woodwork.

3.) Update the light fixtures, particularly in the entrance and the foyer.

4.) Buy a stove to jazz up your kitchen. There's no need for an expensive kitchen remodeling job: An updated kitchen stove for about $700-$800 may be enough.

5.) Remove mildew from the caulking and replace stained sinks in the bathrooms.