The deadly crash this week of a commuter train in Argentina led to riots Saturday as the 51st victim was discovered in the wreckage, Britain's Daily Mirror reported.

The train had come into the Once station in Buenos Aires, the capital, too fast during Wednesday's morning rush, witnesses were quoted as saying. The crash into a platform barrier smashed the train's engine, and the cars behind it crumpled. According to the Daily Mirror, 700 passengers were hurt -- nearly half of the 1,500 aboard the train.

A vigil at the scene turned angry and violent when the family of Lucas Menghini Rey, 20, was told that his body had been found. The last time his family had seen Rey was when he said goodbye to his 3-year-old daughter the morning of the crash. Buenos Aires officials previously told Rey's family that he had been seen at a psychiatrist at the hospital, and that is was possible Rey was on the streets suffering from shock and post-traumatic stress.

The U.K. newspaper reports that it wasn't until Argentina's Security Minister Nilda Garre took over that Rey's body was found. The minister told police to search even in the most impossible places. Rey became the 51st victim of the crash.

Rock-throwing and other violence ensued as the crowd grew angry. Fires were started in the streets as others looted stores at the train station. Police at the scene used tear gas and batons on the rioters, some of whom were arrested.

The Daily Mirror reported that commuters were outraged over the fact that transit officials apparently ignored brake equipment and other safety issues..

It hasn't been determined if Wednesday's crash was due to human error or system failures. One employee may face criminal charges for failing to stop in time.