UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Argentine President Cristina Kirchner reportedly crossed paths at the G20 summit in Mexico, leading to a confrontation over the Falkland Islands dispute.

It is not clear whether one head of state sought out the other, but Kirchner had an envelope filled with documents regarding the Falklands, which she attempted to hand over to Cameron, though he refused to accept them. The Falklands are a disputed set of islands off the coast of Argentina that have remained a British territory since 1833. On April 2, 1982, Argentina invaded the islands, engaging Britain in a 74-day war, and was ultimately defeated.

Recently, the islands' residents have sought to establish their own sovereignty through a referendum with support from the UK and against the wishes of the Argentine government, which claims the islands.

Cameron told Kirchner to respect the islanders bid for sovereignty during their encounter, at which point she tried to hand him an envelope filled with U.N. resolutions calling for Britain and Argentina to hold talks on the islands, according to Argentina's Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, the Telegraph reported. The encounter ended with Kirchner telling Cameron to respect the U.N., at which point he turned and walked away, Timerman said.

The UK has refused to negotiate with Argentina regarding sovereignty of the Falklands.