Ariana Grande is in hot water for one of her songs.

The singer is being sued for her 2015 hit “One Last Time,” which allegedly ripped off portions of Skye Stevens' 2012 song “Takes All Night,” according to E! News. Alex Greggs, who wrote the song for Stevens, filed the lawsuit and alleged that the similarities between the songs are too grave to consider coincidences.

“Although the rhythm of the two compositions may differ to accommodate the prosody of the lyrics, there is substantial similarity on the most important rhythmic placement of the pitches on strong melodic and harmonic beats,” a portion of the lawsuit reads.

Aside from Grande, also noted in the lawsuit are David Guetta, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, Universal Music Group and Republic Records.

This is not the first time the “Dangerous Woman” singer came under fire because of a song. Shortly after the video for “One Last Time” was released, an Australian band called SAFIA said that the singer and her team stole the concept of one of their music videos, which was uploaded on YouTube in 2014. At the time, the group said that while there were slight differences between the videos, the main concept is similar. Both of them center on a girl in the midst of world destruction.

“[It] wouldn't be the first time uncreative talentless f***s from big labels and/or big film firms steal ideas from small independent creatives who are trying really hard to make something different for a change,” the group was quoted as saying by Ace Showbiz.

Grande's video director, Max Landis, said the whole thing was just coincidental. He added that SAFIA should not call him out, since they were also accused by another Australian band, Injured Ninja, of copying the concept of their video.

Grande's new lawsuit comes a couple of days after another pop superstar, Demi Lovato, was hit with a copyright infringement suit. Derek Mills and Alexis Krauss, collectively known as Sleigh Bells, alleged that the Lovato and her team stole portions of their 2010 song “Infinity Guitars” and used them on “Stars,” according to Entertainment Weekly.