Singer Ariana Grande was caught kissing her back-up dancer Ricky Alvarez on the lips in a doughnut shop in Southern California. The “Problem” singer also was seen licking a doughnut that was displayed on the store's counter, without paying for it, and jokingly saying "I hate America" after a tray of doughnuts is removed from the counter.

The pair were spotted being romantic during a visit to Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California, on Saturday, E! Online writes. They were accompanied by two other friends in the store, where they spent a lot of time. TMZ has a video footage showing Grande and Alvarez challenging each other to lick doughnuts kept on the counter.

Grande, 22, first attempts to lick the doughnuts, but backs out and starts laughing. When she looks around and sees no one is noticing her, she licks a doughnut on the counter. Her friend Alvarez follows her and does the same. The two then squeal with delight.

Later, the couple are seen getting cozy inside the store. At one point, Grande kisses Alvarez on the lips and he reciprocates. As the clip ends, a female shop employee puts a freshly baked tray of doughnuts on the counter -- and then removes it. As she puts the tray inside a glass cabinet, Grande is heard saying, "What the f--- is this? I hate Americans. I hate America."

But some of Grande’s American fans did not take her “hate America” comments as a joke -- and they demanded an apology. Many also objected to her behavior toward the worker in the store, and started commenting on her Instagram pictures. “She did clearly say ['I hate Americans, I hate America']. She's so spoiled and rude. And licking doughnuts she didn't buy. Please that's just plain nasty,” writes Instagram user miamiaas.

According to Hollywood Life, Grande’s ex-boyfriend Big Sean has called her behavior “immature and rude.” “Sean saw the video and is both embarrassed and disappointed with Ariana’s behavior, especially with how she treated the worker,” a source close to the rapper told the website.