German high jumper Ariane Friedrich recently posted the personal details of a stalker who was sending her explicit photographs over a social networking site.

Friedrich, who is also a police officer, posted the man's name, email address and hometown on her Facebook page April 16 after he emailed photos of a man's genitals.

Friedrich said that she wanted to name and shame the man for sending her such photos.

I've been offended in the past, sexually harassed and I've had a stalker before, Friedrich wrote on her Facebook wall.

It's time to act; it's time to defend myself. And that's what I'm doing. No more and no less. I'm not willing to be a victim again. I'm simply tired and there simply comes a time when enough is enough. The 28-year-old has also filed a complaint against the stalker, AFP reported.

However, her manager Günter Eisinger has refused to comment, saying that the case might overshadow Freidrich's London Olympic preparations.

The prosecution will determine what happens now, Eisinger said. There is an ongoing process and we will make no more comment.

Eisinger told The Local: The issue has nothing to do with the public. We can do without any stress factors.

When the athlete posted the details about the man, her Facebook page was flooded with both praises and criticisms from her fans.

However, the athlete later responded to criticisms in another post on her Facebook page saying, The removal of anonymity is a means to clarify.

Just think of all the children, young people and adults who are secretly harassed by perverts and don't know what to do or how to defend themselves. Should we not go forward as a good example and demonstrate strength?

Friedrich won the bronze medal at the 2009 world athletics championship and gold medal at the 2003 European Junior Championship.