An Arizona man faces a felony count of sexual abuse after forcing his maid to inappropriately touch him and them claiming that Satan made him do it.

Bobby Guyton, 76, of Glendale, is accused of putting the woman's hand on his penis on four occasions while she was cleaning his trailer home, Fox News reported.

The maid approached the authorities in June and said that Guyton made her uncomfortable by passing sexual comments at her. Guyton, once, even tried to give her a hug but instead grabbed her hand and forced her to touch his crotch.

In a confrontation call set up by the Glendale police on Tuesday, Guyton allegedly admitted to the assault. At first, he said that he didn't know why he had assaulted her as he "didn't get any enjoyment out of it," according to court documents. However, he later claimed that "Satan had gotten into him" and he was feeling sorry for himself as he hadn't had sex since 1980.

After his arrest though, Guyton told the police that he had never grabbed the victim. He added that the maid was mad at him because he was going to fire her. He said that she attempted to strike him but missed. She hit him in the groin and so he grabbed her hand as it was on his penis.

However, he later admitted that "he may have kept her hand on his penis for several seconds longer than was necessary" and that's why he thought "Satan must have got a hold of him," court documents said.