Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the University of Southern California have teamed up to develop a think tank in order to find bipartisan solutions to environmental problems, economic policies, political reform and other issues that affect the general public, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Backed by a $20 million dollar pledge by Schwarzenegger, The USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy will be funded by personal donations from the former Governor, as well as money made during his fundraising efforts. Schwarzenegger's initial donation amount has yet to be revealed and is said to remain secret.

Schwarzenegger had this to say, "When you think back of everything I've done -- body building, training people, writing about diet and food supplements and promoting movies and entertainment -- I've always been interested in making sure other people can benefit from my experience," he then added "it's the same with this. It would be a shame to think what I learned from my governorship over seven years ... ways of solving problems -- will now be left behind and no one will benefit."

Informed by his time spent as governor, as well as his time spent in the public eye as an actor, Schwarzenegger said "How do you negotiate when you have two parties, how do you bring the ideology of those two together to come up with something that is beneficial to all people and not get stuck on ideology. This is another important issue we're going to deal with."

Using his celebrity, Schwarzenegger was able to raise the necessary funds for the joint-project with USC, as well as tapping on his many political connections. The institute's first public event will be held in September, with Schwarzenegger's first lecture taking place the following December.