Arnold Schwarzenegger's teenage son Patrick was hospitalized Saturday following a skiing accident in Idaho, the Daily Mail reported.

The 18-year-old is currently recuperating at the Sun Valley Hospital where he's being treated for multiple injuries on his back and bottom, the publication said.

Patrick apparently managed to post details of his skiing mishap on Twitter the same day with a photo of himself being strapped onto a stretcher. He also posted an up close image  of a gash on his back.  However, the teen did not dwell into details of how he had been injured.

Little ski accident today, Patrick told his followers. Some bruises and stitches down back and but. Thanks to sun valley doctors for everything.

The Schwarzenegger family has already been through a similar ordeal, with 14-year-old Christopher Schwarzenegger hospitalized for serious injuries following a surfing accident in July 2011. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is often considered indestructible thanks to his role in The Terminator, fractured his leg in a ski accident late 2006.

The former governor of California had a bitter fall out with Maria Shriver, his wife of 25 years, early in 2011 following reports of infidelity on his part. Arnold reportedly concealed the existence of his illegitimate son whom he had raised in the same household for several years.