Arrayit Diagnostics, a majority owned subsidiary of Arrayit Corporation, announced that the company will launch an intensive marketing campaign which will be the most aggressive one of its kind in their thirteen-year history. Arrayit Diagnostics is developing several diagnostic tests that will provide early detection for cancer and other deadly diseases which will provide incentive to the marketplace and comfort to families across the world.

The parent company, Arrayit Corporation, has rapidly become a leader in the genetic, pharmaceutical and diagnostic communities. While the company started in a small spectrum, Arrayit has blossomed into a major force which now offers over 650 products to a growing customer base of more than 10,000 laboratories across the globe. Arrayit Diagnostics has become the parent company’s shining star.

By conclusively identifying the genomic and proteomic biomakers for specific diseases, the tests conducted by Arrayit Diagnostics will enable early-stage diagnosis and will save lives.

To go along with state-of-the-art diagnostics, the ever-growing subsidiary named John Howell as its CEO and President. Howell has a stellar reputation in the business community and for the past 15 years has focused on high technology and telecommunications, serving as CEO of Eversys Corporation, a manufacturer of computer equipment for the local area network.

When asked about the potential of Arrayit Diagnostics, Howell was quoted as saying, “Arrayit Diagnostics has the potential to globally renovate the health care sector, allowing the diagnostics community to rethink the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Rather than reacting after symptoms have already appeared, our tests will allow early detection, enabling earlier intervention and treatment for patients, reducing costs compared to later stage treatments, and potentially saving lives.”

Currently, Arrayit Corporation is trading in the $1.15 range. With an aggressive management approach and diagnostics that can save lives, Arrayit may be a hidden over-the-counter gem.

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