Arrayit Corp., a proprietary life science technology leader for disease prevention, treatment and cure, recently announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has purchased the company’s proprietary technology to protect America’s crop plants by combating honeybee extinction.

The USDA is utilizing Arrayit’s proprietary SpotLight microarray scanning technology and high-speed BioBlue computers to identify biomarkers in the honeybee genome to detect tracheal mites, the parasites that threaten the worldwide honeybee population. Honeybees currently pollinate approximately $14 billion worth of America’s crop plants, including fruits, seeds and vegetables, and the number of honeybees has recently decreased by up to 70 percent in some regions of the United States.

“We are pleased that the USDA is using our scanning and computing technology for this important project,” states Rene Schena, chief executive officer of Arrayit Corporation. “Arrayit is dedicated to protecting American agriculture for the benefit of farmers and consumers.”