In episode 4 of "Arrested Development," after failing with Sudden Valley, Michael is forced to get a new job and manages to land one in the high-tech sector. He asks for a job with a car, and the company offers him one, but warns him that he might get some stares (not to be confused with stairs).

The job turns out to be for a popular search engine (rhymes with schmoogle) that doesn’t want their name said and seen on camera. Michael ends up driving their company car, which features a tall camera on top that takes photos of private residences (coughStreetViewcough).

After landing his new job, Michael gets a call from Barry Zuckerkorn, who lets him know that director Ron Howard wants to meet with him. Michael is unsure of why the director wants to meet with him, and Zuckerkorn tells Michael that he can “tell Ron Howard to go f*** himself.”

Michael goes to see Howard and is surprised when he comes face-to-face with Kitty Sanchez, his dad’s old secretary and mistress. Kitty is now working for Howard as a movie executive, and was hired by Maeby BEFORE Kitty had her fired one day when she was out of the office.

Howard explains that he wants to make his story into a movie, but change a couple things like having Michael’s wife die during the movie (“It’s a lot more fun if we see her die”). Howard suggests that they cast “his girl” Rebel in the part, and Michael confuses “his girl” to mean mistress instead of Ron’s daughter.

All Michael needs is to get his family to sign their rights away, but Michael doesn’t know if he wants to go down this road. But the idea becomes more appealing when he realizes that Howard made him a co-producer on the movie. Thinking about the offer, Michael ends up running into a beautiful woman outside (Isla Fisher) who is looking to get cast in a movie. To impress her, Michael tells her that he’s a movie producer and that she’d be perfect for the part of his wife. He gives the woman his business card, and she leaves before he has a chance to learn her name.

Michael heads to his parents' apartment to find his dad and get him to sign the papers. But when Michael gets to the apartment he finds his dad in the arms of another woman – Lucille Too. Asking his dad to sign the papers, George tells Michael to go to hell. Michael decides that he doesn’t needs his dad’s signature and forms his dream team: Andy Richter, Carl Weathers and Warden Stefan Gentles.

George ends up apologizing to Michael (gifting him with Mexican porn) and signs his rights away. Michael goes to tell Howard the good news but learns that Howard actually wanted George Michael’s signature, not George’s. Unsure if he still wants to go through with the movie in an attempt to protect his son’s privacy, Michael once again changes his mind when he see’s the beautiful girl he met from earlier. He sees her band play (she’s on the bagpipe), and the two end up hooking up in a photo booth. Once again leaving without telling Michael her name, Michael figures out who she is when she gifts him with their photo booth pictures and he sees a name of her tattoo – Rebel. Michael thinks that he just hooked up with Ron Howard’s girlfriend (but really his daughter).

Guest Appearances:

-Scott Baio returns as lawyer Bob Loblaw, this time to get Barry out of some charges (he fails).

-Judy Greer appears in episode four as Kitty Sanchez, George’s old assistant and Howard's latest movie executive.

-James Lipton reprises his role as Warden Stefan Gentles.

-Ron Howard, Andy Richter and Conan O’Brien appear as themselves.

-John Krasinski guest stars as an assistant to Jerry Bruckheimer.

-Isla Fisher appears as actress Rebel, Howard’s daughter.