We can only hope that Tobias Funke already "blue himself" over the news that "Arrested Development" will begin filming their new season on Tuesday, August 7.

"Arrested Development" brought the laughs for three seasons on Fox before being cancelled in 2006. Now the series has been revived, with a 10 episode fourth season set to stream on Netflix, followed by a highly anticipated movie.

Fans are not the only ones excited about the return of the dysfunctional Bluth family. The actors have not only begun to talk to the media about shooting, but they have started to Tweet photos on set.

 The new episodes are said to focus on one individual in the Bluth family.

"That's kind of the idea [one character per episode], and then there are bits and pieces of people," GOB's Will Arnett recently revealed. "It's a totally different way to tell the story of these people and these characters and these relationships that we like, so it's interesting."

Executive Producer Ron Howard let it slip on Twitter that the premiere episode is going to Jason Bateman's Michael.

"Very very funny :-) Lots of lines for the narrator too!" Howard, who's also the narrator, tweeted with a photo of the front page of the episode "Michael."

A majority of the cast has been working on other projects, which makes filming somewhat difficult. According to Arnett, "the plan is to shoot on hiatuses and weekends."

Arnett is currently starring alongside Christina Applegate in the NBC comedy "Up All Night." Portia de Rossi, who played Lindsay, has begun filming the new "Munsters" remake, "Mockingbird Lane." Michael Cera, who played Jason Bateman's son, George Michael, is starring in the Adult Swim series "Children's Hospital. Buster's Tony Hale has been appearing in new series "Veep," while George Sr.'s Jeffrey Tambor has landed a role on "Bent," and Lucille's Jessica Walter has been starring on "Retired at 35."

Season four of "Arrested Development" will air in 2013 on Netflix.

Take a look at the slideshow to see some of the photos the cast has Tweeted to fans.