AUSTIN, Texas -- The 2013 ATX Television Festival kicked off its second season on Thursday with Netflix’s season four of “Arrested Development.” Airing episode seven, “Colony Collapse” and episode 12, “Senoritis, audience members (when they were able to stop laughing) were then treated to a special Q-and-A session with Maeby Funke’s Alia Shawkat and Ann Veal’s Mae Whitman. (Her?)

The pair, who are best friends, talked about what it was like returning to film “Arrested Development” after so many years, but the main jaw-dropper of the evening came via Shawkat -- who has a wicked sense of humor. Taking into consideration the constant talk of an “Arrested Development” movie and knowing that fans are hungry for more episodes, Shawkat hinted the new season on Netflix wasn’t the end for the show. Instead, she teased that the fourth season on Netflix was Act One in a “three-act saga.”

So, what are the other two acts, you may ask? It’s not exactly what you’d think. According to Shawkat, Act Two would be a movie (Bluth fans, rejoice!) -- and Act Three would be them dying on camera.

Shawkat was obviously lying (or was she?) about the three acts, but we can still hold onto hope for a movie. The latest news on the potential film comes from Entertainment Weekly. This week, it posted an interview conducted with series creator and executive producer Mitchell Hurwitz, who revealed that if a theatrical movie does happen, it would have to be through Fox, because the series is “technically” its property. A possibility remains for a movie to be a Netflix original, but that option has yet to be explored.

Hurwitz promised fans that they will “put a date out there” whenever (and if) more episodes or a movie gets confirmed. Meanwhile, we can all continue watching the four seasons on repeat while doing the chicken dance and eating frozen bananas.