“Arrow” is getting another superhero in Season 5. The CW drama will add Wild Dog, also known as Jack Wheeler, to the mix. Rick Gonzalez will take on the role, Entertainment Weekly reported, but fans don’t have to wait until fall to get the inside scoop on Star City’s latest vigilante. They can look to the DC Comics book series to find out a little more about the new character.

Personal Losses: Jack lost a lot before deciding to be a vigilante. He attended State University on a football scholarship that he lost because of a knee injury. He joined the Marines, but his squad was killed by terrorists. However, he didn’t become a vigilante until his girlfriend was shot by the mob.

Simple Uniform: No leather suits here. Wild Dog wears camouflage pants, a State University T-shirt and a hockey mask. He also has some lightweight armor underneath.

Green Arrow’s Recruit: The two characters crossed paths in the comics as well. In an alternate timeline, Green Arrow and Hawkman recruited Wild Dog to help stop Maxwell Lord. Wild Dog died while fighting, Comic Vine reported, so let’s hope the TV show alliance is more successful.

Gunman: He’s not another archer. Wild Dog uses firearms, typically machine guns, to take down the bad guys. According to DC Database, he “is famous for simply spraying bullets until his enemies are dead.” Although comic book adaptations frequently make changes, it appears this particular aspect of his personality will remain intact.

Green Arrow prefers precision on the CW TV series, and Wild Dog’s devil-may-care approach will be a point of contention between the two. “Wild Dog is a new vigilante in Star City whose reckless and cocksure nature prompts Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) to take him under his wing,” EW reported.

The introduction of a new vigilante may be necessary for Oliver’s crew. Last season, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) died, and both Diggle (David Ramsey) and Thea (Willa Holland) left Star City in the finale. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver are going to need some extra hands on deck to save their town.

“Arrow” Season 5 returns to the CW in the fall.