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In an unprecedented gesture, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wrote a letter to a disgruntled supporter, who had written to the club asking why he hadn't made any big-money signings.

The letter, sent at the beginning of the month, is an honest and touching gesture from Wenger, who explained why he refuses to spend more money and highlighted the weaknesses of his side, while accepting the blame for the side's recent failures.

The Sun has reproduced the letter in full. The following are a few excerpts from the letter.

We have shown that we have the technical quality to win the league but certainly not the defensive solidity to do it, he wrote. We have learned that we have the quality, despite what everybody is saying, but of course we need to gain some strength in some areas of the team.

We are frustrated and disappointed but we should not go overboard. We have to rectify things in the areas that we need to improve. Mentally, of course, I hope that the team has learned a lot this season because we could not cope with the number of games, nor the pressure in the important moments of the season.

He added: Fabregas has played 22 games, Van Persie 18 or 19 games and Vermaelen has played four of five games. In decisive moments, we have never had the team together.

We have to rectify some things in our squad and we will try to do it. But it is not easy, even with money. We will try to do the right thing. I don't know how much we have spent in recent years. We will try to buy the right player.

We will spend the needed money but you first have to find the right players and then turn up with the money. If we find the right players, we will spend the money. I think it is the responsibility of a football manager to behave in a responsible way.

Even if people say we have to spend money, we have to be realistic. We cannot buy players for £50 million and, even if we try to strengthen our team and spend money if needed, that is fact.