It certainly wasn't the heist of the century, but the thief still got away with a Picasso worth about $200,000.

At the Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco Tuesday, a man visiting the museum grabbed a pencil etching by Pablo Picasso off the wall, went outside, and got in an idling taxicab.

I don't know if employees were just busy, but he literally walked in, grabbed it and walked out and got into a cab, said police spokesman Albie Esparza told FoxNews.

The man, who is said to be in his 30s and likes to wear sunglasses, stole Picasso's 1965 Tete de Femme, which, for those who can't tell from the cubist illustration, means Female head in French.

The work of art, which was the size of a standard sheet of paper, was hanging between a Marc Chagall and a Salvador Dali. The thief did not take any other works from the museum.

The robber was caught on video by a security camera outside Lefty O'Douls restaurant, next door to the museum.

The Weinstein Gallery had had Tete de Femme insured.