An art-loving federal judge doubled the prison sentence of career con artist after a portrait by Jean-Bapitiste-Camille Corot was found tossed in some bushes in the Upper East Side.

This man has been on a non-stop crime spree since he has been 20-years-old, said Manhattan Federal Court Judge Colleen McMahon, according to the Daily News.  She sentenced art thief, Thomas Doyle to six years in prison.

Originally, Doyle had copped a deal for three years in prison. He pleaded guilty to scamming an art investor by purposely overestimating Corot's Portrait of Girl, saying it was worth over a million dollars, which Doyle bought for only $775,000. Judge McMahon tossed aside federal guidelines for a tougher sentence. Legitamate art appraisers value the painting between $500,000 and $600,000.

Your honor, it started off honestly and then went wrong, Doyle told the judge.

You don't know the meaning of the word 'honest', said the Judge McMahon, according to the Daily News.

During the sentencing, the judge noted that her favorite painting was The Lake, by Corot.

Doyle's laywer the sentencing was more than what was expected. They plan to appeal .