Artfest International, Inc. announced this morning that its January revenues have surpassed $125,000 as the company has commenced the launch of its artistic content that is being distributed by Channel Galleries, the marketing arm and wholly owned subsidiary of Artfest International. In addition to the revenues received from art content sales, the company’s other wholly owned subsidiary, Art Channel, Inc. has signed several contracts to produce new programming content.

Edward Vakser, CEO of Artfest International, Inc., projects revenues will exceed $450,000 for the First Quarter 2009 based upon artistic content sales through their members’ virtual art galleries and programming contracts signed and contracts currently in negotiations to be completed during the First Quarter.

“We believe that the addition of world renowned artists, special promotions and curator art specials that we are promoting this Quarter that Artfest will succeed in expanding and enhancing our current product offerings which will expand our current audience,” commented Artfest CEO, Edward Vakser. “Furthermore we believe the foundation has been put in place to prepare Artfest for a successful and profitable 2009 which will result in increased value to our shareholders and members worldwide.”