In a move to further fortify its executive management team, Artfest International Inc. announced today that globally recognized sports marketing expert, Lawrence Castro, has joined Artfest and its wholly-owned subsidiary – Charity Sports Distributors – as senior vice-president of sports and education. Artfest International is a leading edge arts distribution company that brings together artists, designers, investors, private collectors and art galleries.

In his role, Mr. Castro will lead the expansion of Artfest’s sports business. As a prominent figure in the sports industry, he will tap into his vast network to create a larger product portfolio, increase sales venues, and cross-market across Artfest’s growing sales channels. Mr. Castro said, “I look forward to building Artfest’s sports and entertainment sales platform into a leading distributor in the global sports marketing industry.”

Mr. Castro’s sports marketing expertise has contributed to the success of several sports-based businesses. As a spokesperson for a sports marketing company, his efforts contributed to the direct marketing sales of $190 million a year for sports performance products. Mr. Castro has also built, owned and designed high-end developments including golf resorts as well as sports and entertainment facilities for major companies such as Hilton Hotels and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

In addition, Mr. Castro is the founder of the Golf Fitness Magazine, the Performance Lifestyle Channel, and the developer of the Fluid Strength Performance Lifestyle System training programs used by pro sports teams, including the NBA.