One company that is starting to catch the attention of investors is Artfest International, Inc. Artfest is a young company with a concept that brings artists, investors, private collectors and anyone with an interest in the industry of art onto the same playing field. Today, Artfest International announced that they retained the services of the prestigious New York marketing firm Jumpstart Marketing.

Jumpstart Marketing strives to achieve results for its companies through a unique integrative approach to marketing, sales and consulting and have achieved major results. With close tie-in relationships to celebrity athletes and Hollywood actors alike, Jumpstart has overtook their competition by offering a lower cost for the promotion of traditional advertisements throughout the media and have created many new product endorsements. Now Artfest International wants to bring the creative genius of Jumpstart Marketing into their business endeavors.

One aspect of recent fame for Jumpstart is the National Football League (NFL) where the young company has become a household name. NFL teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Falcons have utilized the skills of Jumpstart for sales and marketing during their home games and have achieved major success. For example, all of these venues have generated sales in the $25,000 to $50,000 range and other NFL teams are starting to take notice.

When asked about the success Jumpstart has had in the NFL and how the company will improve Artfest, Company CEO Edward Vakser was quoted as saying, “Jumpstart Marketing offers us a substantial amount of exposure and brand awareness. We are pleased to have formed this relationship as we continue increasing our shareholders value in 2010.”

When asked his thoughts on the union between Artfest and Jumpstart, Rich Cotler who serves as the President of Jumpstart stated, “We are excited to begin our marketing campaign with Artfest International. With our extensive portfolio of celebrity contacts we know this will be a beneficial relationship that will have a positive impact on their exposure and brand awareness. We have been very successful over the years introducing companies to major sports venues, and are set to introduce Artfest International to several in 2010.”

Currently, Artfest International is trading in the $0.01 range. With a strong marketing firm such as Jumpstart Marketing on board and positive news that continues to be generated, Artfest International has the potential to evolve into a hub within the art world that could potentially change the face of the industry.

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