//cdn.content.compendiumblog.com/uploads/user/64f9471c-6a7f-4688-913f-4fb5fcd0a3d1/a3ba35ca-5643-4e56-91ac-ebd6b513335f/Image/bfdb52321612499ebd3e5836e8463024_w640.jpegDan Burrows at Daily Finance interviewed David Rosenberg - a very respected name in our industry. First, a bit about Mr. Rosenberg. He ranked 4th out of 104 economists in the 2009 Thompson-Extel survey of global portfolio managers.

From the article:

David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Canada's Gluskin Sheff, tends to be pretty bearish, but he's also about as dispassionate and data-driven a guy as you can find. In other words, he's hardly some kooky gold bug. And if past relationships among data sets hold up, gold fever is just getting started, Rosenberg says.There is no doubt that when benchmarked against the CPI, money supply and GDP, gold can easily double from here, Rosenberg told clients in a Tuesday report.


A Simple Matter of Supply and DemandWhich brings us to the issue of stagnant supply, and that too favors a sustained bull market in gold, Rosenberg says. Global mined production of the ductile metal hasn't increased in a decade -- and has actually declined outright in five of the past eight years. Furthermore, almost all the gold that's easy to dig up -- and therefore cheaper to get at -- has been unearthed. Gold companies in South Africa have to drill as much as 2.3 miles to get to new deposits. Meanwhile, all Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has to do to create currency is press a button, Rosenberg says. Here is the link.

Excellent advice to prepare your portfolio against an onslaught of helicopter money when Ben Bernanke hits that button continuously (which he has already done!) Start your wall of defense - with gold coins. Note the conclusion Rosenberg made on gold supply and demand. Investing in gold is wise now before you hear about a gold shortage!