align=leftThis is news from a financial seminar that was conducted last week by the powerhouse Swiss bank UBS. You will find what was said about accumulating physical gold most interesting. Bloomberg reported on the events Wednesday, June 22nd:  

The survey was conducted last week at a UBS seminar in Wolfsberg, Switzerland, of central bank reserve managers, multilateral institutions and sovereign wealth funds, the bank said in a report dated June 18.

Representatives of some 80 institutions attended. Apparently debt was the major issue on the attendees minds.  UBS analyst Edel Tully said Against this backdrop, it is little wonder that nearly a quarter of respondents expect gold will be the most important reserve currency in 25 years' time.

Here's the link.

O.K. folks. Let's slow it down a minute and think about that. 80 institutions get together in Switzerland (when you think Switzerland - think monetary stability - I know I do!) to discuss finance and almost twenty five percent of them go out on a limb to expect that gold will be the most important reserve currency in 25 years time!! When you hear reserve currency, think MONEY! That means that some very influential people are betting that gold will be the best-performing asset for the rest of the year (that means this year - 2010 folks) AND that it will the basis for our money again in 25 years time! Dosn't it make sense to begin accumulating it now? Safe haven gold! Purchasing gold is one of the best things you can do, not only just this year, but for 25 years down the road!