Sometimes you need a scientist to break economic issues down and analyze them from a different angle. Chris Martenson is just that type of individual. He is a trained research scientist and a former Fortune 300 company VP. Never mind what Richmond Federal Reserve PhD economist Athreya said in this essay about how us non economists should step aside and be ignored by an open minded lay public. I'm sorry, Mr. Athreya, Please take your misspelled words in your abstract and be quiet yourself!

Anyway, Chris Martenson has an interesting view in his posting: Stocks and Bonds Are Now Hazardous to Your Wealth. After reading it, I would agree with it. Here is the beginning of Chris' essay:     

Within the next 20 years, the most profound changes in economic history will sweep the globe. The economic chaos and turbulence that we are now experiencing are merely the opening salvos in what will prove to be a long, disruptive period of adjustment.

At least that's my theory, and careful investors owe it to themselves to hear me out. If I'm right, long-term investing in stocks and bonds will deliver lackluster returns at best and be destroyers of wealth at worst.

And he concludes that an investor should, in a nutshell own assets like physical gold. He concludes that Stocks and bonds in general simply will not behave as they have in the past... and that those who can understand this and adapt have a good chance of preserving and even growing their wealth. Unfortunately, most will miss the turn. Don't be among them.

I agree with Martenson. Ownership of a stack of gold coins or numismatic silver is a wise idea today. It is beginning to look and smell a lot like the fall of 2008. Physical gold was the only asset class that held value at that time. Own some!