width=279The world's most advanced artificial heart which will provide hope for patients, who are waiting for a transplant, is developed by a Brisbane doctor.

Dr John Fraser, from Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside, led the latest development and had received yesterday a federal government grant of $70,000 to help for the commercialization of the product.

The new small pump device is considered revolutionary because it can duplicate both sides of the heart.

According to the Heart Foundation, more than a hundred people with serious heart failure are waiting for a transplant anytime, often making them wait up to two years.

Patients who are over 65 years of age are often considered too at risk to receive a heart transplant.

The small device is completely placed inside the body and attached to the natural heart.

It primarily mimics the pumping fluctuations of a normal heart and is expected to add an extra 10 years to lives of its recipients and improve their quality of life, reduce shortness of breath, swelling and tiredness.

Dr Fraser's artificial heart could be the saving grace for people who need urgent transplant.

BiVacor Pty Ltd has identified its potential and is now working with Dr Fraser's team to make the artificial heart available worldwide.