Artificial Life, Inc., a world-wide leader in providing innovative mobile communications and interactive gaming for 3-4G network-enabled platforms, today disclosed details for its 2010 strategy.

Setting records in 2009 for revenue generation, ALIF scored big on the strength of mobile gaming and business application sales. In 2009 alone, the company generated in excess of 5 million downloads for its series of iPhone games, and had over 20 million mobile game licenses sold to downloaders throughout the world, making Artificial Life one of the world’s top publishers.

CEO Eberhard Schoneburg expressed his satisfaction with the Company’s 2009 performance, noting that “despite the global financial crisis” Artificial Life was able to maintain robust sales while enhancing its “competitive position”, especially in the growing smartphone market.

Schoneburg reaffirmed the company’s trajectory for 2010, indicating the Company was driven to “maintain and further improve” the leading position it has already obtained in this business field.

While maintaining a strong presence via its established mobile gaming efforts, ALIF will also seek to grow the mobile business and lifestyle-applications end of the business. The company will seek to balance the ratio of sales represented by 2009 figures, where 58% was attributable to mobile gaming and only 42% to business and lifestyle applications, by putting substantially more effort into developing and marketing the latter.

Artificial Life will diversify its footprint and enhance profitability for its investors with several new mobile business and lifestyle applications which are currently under development, including:

• Mobile care and monitoring for diabetes
• Mobile security, virtual object reconstruction and digital watermarking
• Mobile image recognition and augmented reality
• Mobile green technology, including environmental protection monitoring and control

Schoneburg noted that, with the “support of our business partners and new shareholders”, the Company would move further into “mobile business and lifestyle applications in 2010”, where demand was growing rapidly thanks to an “ever increasing number of smartphones produced and sold worldwide”.

Plans for the imminent release of an updated version of the company’s proprietary MobileBooster platform, which will offer significantly extended capabilities (allowing the platform to function as a flexible and fully functional m-commerce platform for business clients), will enhance ALIF’s 2010 strategy.

The new version of the MobileBooster platform will offer intuitive user-configurability features that will greatly improve the end-user experience. Artificial Life intends to reveal more details regarding this dynamic m-commerce platform soon.

Schoneburg expects the new m-commerce platform to synergistically enhance the marketability of its business and lifestyle applications and help the company to win “new B2B clients and to create an even broader international corporate client base”.