Artificial Life, Inc., a pioneer in artificial intelligence and mobile technology, recently announced that the company has established a new subsidiary to develop more mobile business applications and sustainability products for the booming green IT business. Green Cortex, Inc., the new business entity based in Hong Kong, will assist companies in minimizing their global carbon footprint and energy consumption. The new website of Green Cortex, Inc. can be found at:

Some of the planned products of Green Cortex include a Community Cortex that targets the general mobile and Internet markets and offers a range of green web and smart phone applications. The company also intends to launch a viral online market place for matching clean product customers with business providers to transact various clean products and green energy credits.

In addition, the company has re-launched its environmental education site ECOCHAMP (, an interactive e-learning web site, which includes the AR Cortex that focuses on Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the Optimizer Cortex that focuses on customized optimization systems based on the principles of genetic algorithms, and the Safety Cortex that encompass a series of intelligent monitoring and alert functions based on fundamental technologies derived from human brain research and neuro science.

Eberhard Schoneburg, chief executive officer of Artificial Life, Inc., stated, “Historically, Artificial Life and its predecessor company were very active and successful in applying their core know how from the fascinating fields of artificial intelligence research, neural network research, the artificial life sciences and bionics to solve various complex industrial problems.” Mr. Schoneburg continued, “As part of our stronger focus on business applications in 2010 and the coming years we now are planning to extend and improve the same powerful and unique core proprietary technologies and combine them with our recent advancements in our mobile and augmented reality technologies to solve complex environmental, sustainability and green IT problems. This is an exciting prospect for us.”

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