Artificial Life Inc. is a leading full-service provider of 2D and 3D multi- and single- player rich-media applications for 3G, 3.5G and 4G network-enabled mobile phones. The company is recognized internationally for its outstanding quality and technology regarding mobile interactive gaming.

The company announced today that it had signed a partnership agreement with China Unicom, China’s second largest telecom company, to launch a wide selection of Java mobile games as an extension to their value-added services in collaboration with their subsidiary, China Unicom SK Telecom. The subsidiary is responsible for handling all value-added services content including mobile games.

Through the collaboration, Artificial Life makes it first official mobile game launch in the Chinese market with five Java titles: Red Bull Air Race World Championship and four more branded titles targeting the teenage audience that are based on the hugely popular TV shows from Taiwan, Blackie’s Teenage Club and Lollipop. Over the course of the next several months, the company will follow up this initial launch with many more mobile game titles for many devices including the iPhone. China Unicom is the Chinese distributor for the iPhone.

China has the largest mobile subscriber base in the world giving it tremendous potential for mobile entertainment and other mobile applications. Artificial Life believes this is especially true with the recent introduction of 3G networks and the Apple iPhone in China. The company’s close partnership with China Unicom will allow Artificial Life to launch mobile games to customers within a very short time frame. The wide variety of games they will be launching in China has the company excited about its potential for future success there.