Designer Jewelry: If you're on the lookout for the latest and greatest jewelry trends, look no further than Yossi Harari.

Growing up in Israel, Yossi became interested in jewelry at a very young age by looking at the jewelry his antique-loving grandfather would gift to his grandmother and mother. From there, he began jewelry designing at the tender age of 11 and eventually earned degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design in Los Angeles and a formal degree in Art History from the University of Tel Aviv. After studying, Yossi opened his workshop in Turkey, where he was discovered by an American who showed his 24-karat gold creations to the world.

Yossi's dedication to handcrafting his designs, using no machines, wax carvings, casting or any other new technologies give each piece from shaping 24-karat gold a unique appeal.

Growing up all over the world, Yossi is greatly inspired by architecture, especially the conglomeration of ancient to modern buildings of his adopted Istanbul. Using the fusion of the city, Yossi molds his creations with exceptional detail, like the buildings of yore.

Although he began his career working with gold-plated silver, Yossi now exclusively uses 24-karat gold. Using only pure gold, Yossi has been able to revive ancient jewelry-making techniques into modern forms for the current jewelry climate. He combines the gold with rough-cut diamonds and other precious stones to make the most luxurious creations possible.

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Yossi tells ViaLuxe that he believes women are so enamored of his jewelry because, It's easy to wear and it's still important and its still special, it for the ladies that really have everything but appreciate the art and the design behind the piece and the uniqueness I have lots of piece that are one of a kind and everybody will be happy to have a piece that is only made for herself or himself. So the affection that I have for every piece of jewelry that I create is the same for my clients so its again it's me. It's my personality from the make of the jewelry till the collecting of it.

Among the women that love Yossi are quite a few celebrities, including Cindy Crawford, the first celebrity to wear his designs and who was quickly followed by Sela Ward and Sarah Jessica Parker and young Miley Cyrus.

Although Yossi still creates his jewelry individually in his Istanbul-based workshop, his designs are available at stores around the world, including most of the United States, from Alabama to Washington as well as Hong Kong, British Columbia and Barbados to name a few.

Yossi's luxurious jewelry is created to suit different women, just as different make-up enhances different complexions. No two pieces are alike, just as no two women are alike.

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