British footballer Ashley Cole and American rapper Jay-Z have gone into partnership to open a restaurant cum nightclub in London.

Their plan is to open an ultra posh eatery which they will call 40/40, the same as Jay-Z’s chain of nightclubs in the US. The duo have already shortlisted some of the top chefs they are looking to employ in their restaurant, according to The Sun.

This is not a pure business venture according to the report. The celebrities want to give back to society in some way and this restaurant will serve as a conduit . They intend to fund young film-makers from a percentage of the profit. Some of the money will also go into charitable organizations. Unemployed youngsters will be given an opportunity to work with some of the celebrity top chefs.

 This is the perfect way for Ashley to improve his image. He's aware of the fact that his football career won't last forever and this is the ideal way to launch into a new area of expertise. He knows that his reputation isn't great and working with charities and disillusioned young people would help, a source told The Sun.

The two have a list of VIPs to help them launch the restaurant and have even headlined Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles as performers at the opening. Will Ahsley’s ex-wife Cheryl Cole sing too? This will certainly ensure a grand opening for the nightclub.

In the US, the British action heroes, Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones, have opened a fish and chips shop in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, to cater to British expats missing the staple fast food.