Just one week after losing her 6-year-old daughter Veronica in the Colorado shooting that rocked the city of Aurora, Ashley Moser has suffered another tremendous loss.

Moser, a 25-year-old woman who was critically wounded when alleged gunman James Holmes opened fire inside an auditorium at the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, has suffered a miscarriage.  The failed birth was reportedly a result of injuries sustained during the shooting.

''Ashley Moser is recovering from an additional surgery she had this morning,'' read a statement from the Aurora Medical Center. ''Tragically, the extreme trauma she sustained also caused a miscarriage."

Moser was listed as being in critical condition after suffering gunshots in the abdomen and neck. According to reports, her family waited to tell her about the death of her daughter Veronica, the youngest fatality in the shooting, until Moser's condition improved last week. But by this weekend, it was confirmed Moser had also lost the fetus she'd been carrying for eight weeks as a result of her injuries.

Before the miscarriage, Moser's boyfriend, Jamison Toews, shared their baby's ultrasound with CBS News in hopes of keeping her spirits up.

At the time, doctors believed the fetus to be alive and well, which led multiple news outlets to report the good news.

But now that the fetus is dead, the question of whether Holmes faces another homicide count arises. Colorado's fetal homicide law pertains only to a person who was "born and alive."

Holmes was charged on Monday with 24 counts of first-degree murder among other violent offenses after a shooting spree that left 12 dead and 58 injured.

Moser's family thanked well-wishers for the outpouring of support over the past week and requested those wanting to donate to Moser's care visit any Wells Fargo Bank and request "Donation Account for Ashley and Veronica Moser."