AshleyMadison, an online dating service marketed to people who are already in a relationship, has been exposed. A list of the top 10 cities that frequent the site has just surfaced and its contents are raising some eyebrows. Already reputed to be a cheater-friendly city, Washington, D.C. -- perhaps unsurprisingly -- claimed the number one spot on the scandalous top 10 list.

The nation's capital has been the setting for many publicized affairs between politicians and their subordinates. In late 2011, AshleyMadison began a series of billboard advertisements featuring GOP candidate Newt Gingrich. The Presidential hopeful, who allegedly had multiple affairs in the past, was featured on the Web sites billboard donning the tagline, Faithful Republican, Unfaithful husband. Welcome to the era.

Since its launch in 2001, the site has drawn heavy criticism over its subject matter. This is a business built on the back of broken hearts, ruined marriages and damaged families, Trish McDermott, a dating-industry consultant who helped found, told Time Magazine.

That ad, along with other racy TV and radio advertisements have helped the online service achieve top-tier status among dating sites. With $49 packages that allow users to contact up to 20 members at a time, the company has been able to rake in tens of millions of dollars in annual profits, Time magazine reports. And with 530,000 daily visitors, according, its no wonder divorce rates are the highest they've ever been.

Check below for a full list of AshleyMadison's top 10 cities. Top 10 User Cities

1. Washington, D.C.

2. San Antonio, Texas

3. Phoenix

4. Salt Lake City

5. Oklahoma City, Okla.

6. Pittsburgh

7. Boston

 8. Chicago

9. Dallas

10. Orlando, Fla.