Will Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore break up or not? Fans are puzzled by conflicting signals and reports.

Neither has the couple given an official statement about the status of their marriage, nor are the speculations about their breakup getting any better.

Since the rumors have surfaced, anything and everything that the couple is doing is being put under the scanner, and various conclusions are being drawn out of their every single act. For example, last week, the couple along with some friends went on a camping trip and it was immediately labeled by the media as an effort to save their relationship or may be to maintain that everything was fine in front of the public.

Along with the breakup rumors, what else has surfaced online are pictures of a depressed and frustrated looking Kutcher and Moore trying to hide from the media.

Another example would be the multiple interpretations of the tweet that Kutcher sent to Moore Monday evening, wishing her luck as her Lifetime project, Five, debuted that day. Moore did not publicly reply to the tweet. Whether she personally replied to the tweet or not is unclear so far and has not been reported in the media.

There were also rumors of Moore already consulting a divorce lawyer, along with other reports that said that Kutcher had already moved out in September following Moore's increasing indulgence in substance abuse.  

What followed the whole breakup rumor series is the interview in US Weekly with the very woman with whom Kutcher allegedly cheated on Moore, Sara Leal.  The interview in the magazine revealed some explicit details of the encounter between the 23-year-old administrative assistant and the Two and a Half Men star. The young woman has lavishly given out elaborate details on the alleged sexual encounter she had with Kutcher at a San Diego hotel and also told the tabloid that Kutcher had told her he was separated from Moore.

Whether or not Leal charged the tabloid for the interview is not clear. However, a report in Page Six said that Leal was looking for a six-figure deal to tell her version of events.

The couple has not said anything to the media so far, but there was a tweet from Kutcher that did look like an attempt to quell the  rumors. It said, When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.

It is high time the couple made a statement about the status of their six-year-long marriage, considering the ongoing speculations.

Its is really unclear as of now, as to what exactly the couple's married life is going through, and probably too early to draw conclusions.

The couple still appears together in public and both still have their wedding rings on.They are very much working on their respective projects and they probably themselves need some time before they can give out a conclusive statement to the public.