Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher reportedly arrived for former President Bill Clinton's Decade of Difference concert on Saturday all alone. This can only add to all the rumors and speculations concerning the status of his relationship with his wife, Demi Moore.

Though the Two and a Half Men actor had his wedding ring on, Moore was nowhere to be seen.

A report in US Weekly states that Kutcher, 33, smiled and waved to the cheering crowd before he introduced Usher's performance. He also spoke about my DNA Foundation, the organization Moore and Kutcher founded together last year to combat child trafficking. Was Kutcher trying to put on a brave face in light of the end of his six-year marriage to Moore?

The couple is believed to be going through a difficult time after Kutcher allegedly cheated on Moore, 48, with Sara Leal, 23; according to reports, Kutcher allegedly had unprotected sex with Leal.

The couple is still, officially, tight-lipped about the whole episode. Kutcher also had to force a smile on his face when posing with Jason Segal of How I Met Your Mother fame at the concert, according to a Daily Mail report.

The very fact that the couple so far has not taken any effort to fight the rumors of their breakup could indicate that they are simply taking time to talk to each other, before reaching a public conclusion.

There are also rumors of Moore having already consulted a divorce lawyer, along with other reports that say that Kutcher moved out of the couple's house, back in September, following his wife's increasing substance abuse problems. However, neither of these has been confirmed by any official source.